HSE & Compliance


Managing the renewal of certifications is a complex task for HR teams and safety officers. With numerous employees across various departments, keeping track of each individual’s certification status requires meticulous attention to detail. Manual tracking methods, such as spreadsheets and paper files, are prone to errors and inefficiencies, mostly due to the human factor. This not only consumes a significant amount of time but also poses a risk of lapses in compliance and safety standards, potentially leading to legal liabilities and jeopardizing workplace safety.

Our client came to us asking for help after all commercial options were exhausted. With 400 employees in the Construction industry, HSE and compliance training and certification was a primary challenge we had to address. The additional factor was that the employees were dispersed across the country, but all had to be compliant with the safety regulations and HSE certified.

We stepped up. 


With WAY2LRN platform we introduced the automated training renewal reminders. The platform’s automation capabilities streamline the process of monitoring certification expirations and send timely reminders to employees. This ensures that all team members remain compliant with the necessary certifications for their roles. We also set up a reporting line with email notifications following specific conditions our client demanded: ”Notify the X’s superior in case X fails the test 3x.” Or “ Notify the Department Manager if ….” The list of notifications and reminders was specified and set once, and the process was streamlined with the company’s structure in mind. 

The centralised repository of training allows HRs and Safety Officers to quickly create training bundles for different positions and to assign and schedule them. With different levels of access people at the company have access to the Analytics Dashboard and can monitor, react and make customized reports for the best analysis and planning. 

Key Features of WAY2LRN in This Use Case:

Email Reminders


Reminder Schedules

WAY2LRN streamlines certification management with its key features. Automated Email Reminders ensure that both employees and HR managers are alerted well in advance of upcoming certification expirations, reducing the risk of lapses. The Centralized Dashboard provides HR teams with a clear overview of the certification status of all employees, making it easier to track compliance. Additionally, Customizable Reminder Schedules allow for tailored scheduling to meet the unique requirements of different certifications and roles, ensuring that reminders are sent out at the most appropriate times. Together, these features make certification management more efficient and effective.


  • Consistent Compliance: By automating reminders, WAY2LRN ensures that no employee’s certification renewal is overlooked, maintaining consistent compliance with safety standards.
  • Efficient Process: The automation of renewal reminders significantly reduces the administrative workload for HR teams, freeing them to focus on other strategic tasks.
  • Risk Reduction: With automated tracking and reminders, the risk of certification lapses and the associated safety and legal implications are minimized.

No One Left Behind

“Compliance with HSE regulations is a top priority in our industry. This LMS has been a game-changer for our organization. The automated training renewal reminders have streamlined our compliance process, ensuring that no employee misses a mandatory training session. It’s easy to use and customization of the reports saved a ton of our time and made it easy to track progress and maintain records. I highly recommend this solution to any HR professional looking to simplify their HSE compliance training.”

Mark J.


  • WIN for Compliance: Automated reminders ensure that all employees stay compliant with certification requirements, reducing legal risks and enhancing safety.
  • WIN for HR Efficiency: The reduction in manual tracking and administrative tasks allows HR teams to allocate their time to more impactful initiatives.
  • WIN for Workplace Safety: Maintaining up-to-date certifications contributes to a safer work environment, protecting both employees and the organization.

“Let automation handle the compliance, so you can focus on the safety.”