Manage Onboarding With Ease

  • Standardize onboarding across the board and welcome new hires on-site and online
  • Create centralized orientation repository
  • Tailor role-specific onboarding paths
  • Speed-up training-to-work transition


Onboarding is a critical aspect of workforce management, requiring a standardized process that is flexible enough to be tailored to specific roles. It involves not just the well-planned and tailored onboarding but also smart utilization of training resources, and constant alignment with the company’s ongoing schedules and plans. And the work doesn’t stop there.

Monitoring the outcomes is essential for optimizing the onboarding-to-work transition, making it as efficient and seamless as possible. This task, complex as it is, becomes even more daunting when conducted asynchronously, across different time zones and work environments. Recognizing the crucial nature of effective onboarding, WAY2LRN was developed to address these challenges head-on. Its purpose is to streamline the onboarding process, making it adaptable, efficient, and aligned with the evolving needs of the modern-day company of any size.



Manage Users Effortlessly

Easily add new hires to the platform with just a few clicks, streamlining the onboarding process. Assign courses and trainings to ensure each new colleague has access to the resources they need. Keep new hires organized and up-to-date, all from one central location.


Create Custom Onboarding Paths

Design role-specific onboarding paths tailored to the unique needs of each position. Utilize a variety of training materials and assessments to ensure comprehensive learning. Monitor progress and adjust the paths as needed to guarantee a smooth and effective onboarding experience for every new hire.



Foster Effective Communication

Leverage the commenting feature to facilitate a seamless exchange of information between new hires and their mentors. Ensure that every question is answered promptly, providing new employees with the support they need to excel in their roles.


Users Say

“Starting a new job is always stressful, for me, there was so much I had to learn to be able to show I’m able to do the job well. From getting to know the company inside out, the organization of work, and procedures, to my position details. WAY2LRN was a truly pleasant surprise, everything I needed to go over (documentation, orientation videos, procedures, and initial training) was there and the platform was easy to use. My Dashboard showed what I was assigned, the deadlines, and people to contact in case I had any questions. This experience benchmarked my expectations when it comes to learning something new. ”


Marko P.