For HR teams in rapidly growing or high-turnover industries, managing the onboarding of a large volume of new hires simultaneously is a herculean task. Traditional methods often involve manual coordination of numerous onboarding sessions, which can lead to significant delays and overwhelm HR personnel. These challenges are compounded in organizations with a national or global presence, where the geographical dispersion of new hires adds another layer of complexity. The reliance on outdated systems like spreadsheets, emails, and paper documents further exacerbates the situation, making it difficult to ensure a smooth and timely onboarding process. The goal is to make every new hire’s transition into the organization as seamless and effective as possible without sacrificing the quality of the onboarding experience or the efficiency of HR operations.


Enter WAY2LRN, the game-changing solution designed to streamline the onboarding process for high-volume recruitment. WAY2LRN transforms how organizations integrate new employees by leveraging automation and scalable onboarding paths. The platform’s robust automation capabilities allow for the scheduling, sequencing, and tracking of onboarding tasks with unprecedented ease, ensuring that every new hire receives the necessary training and orientation without undue delay. This approach speeds up the onboarding process and significantly reduces the administrative burden on HR teams, enabling them to dedicate more time to strategic initiatives.

Key Features of WAY2LRN in This Use Case:






WAY2LRN revolutionizes the onboarding process with its advanced features. Automated Scheduling streamlines the organization of onboarding sessions and task assignments, ensuring a smooth start for new hires. Scalable Onboarding Paths provide the flexibility to tailor onboarding experiences for large groups of new hires, accommodating diverse roles and requirements. The Centralized Repository serves as a one-stop hub for all onboarding materials, simplifying distribution and access. Real-time Tracking enables HR teams to monitor each new hire’s progress and swiftly address any obstacles. Lastly, Reporting Analytics offer powerful tools for HR managers to analyze the onboarding process and make data-driven improvements. Together, these features create an efficient, personalized, and insightful onboarding experience.


  • Efficient Management of High-Volume Onboarding: WAY2LRN’s scalable solutions adeptly handle the complexities of onboarding numerous new hires simultaneously, eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining the transition process.
  • Customization Meets Automation: The platform allows for the customization of onboarding journeys to fit the specific requirements of various roles. Coupled with the efficiency of automation, it ensures that all new hires are well-prepared for their positions.
  • Centralized Onboarding Material Access: WAY2LRN is a centralized repository for all onboarding and training materials, making it easy for HR managers to assign and for new hires to access, regardless of their geographic location.

Users Say

“Starting a new job is always stressful, for me, there was so much I had to learn to be able to show I’m able to do the job well. From getting to know the company inside out, the organization of work, and procedures, to my position details. WAY2LRN was a truly pleasant surprise, everything I needed to go over (documentation, orientation videos, procedures, and initial training) was there and the platform was easy to use. My Dashboard showed what I was assigned, the deadlines, and people to contact in case I had any questions. This experience benchmarked my expectations when it comes to learning something new. ”

Marko P.


  • WIN for the company: By automating and optimizing the onboarding process, WAY2LRN significantly reduces the time it takes for new hires to become fully productive, streamlining their integration into their roles and the company culture. Considering the great numbers of new employees and possibly high fluctuation, this is a major win for the companies.
  • WIN for the employees: The tailored and efficient onboarding experience enhances new employees’ satisfaction and engagement levels, fostering a positive start to their career journey.
  • WIN for the HRs and the hiring team: WAY2LRN’s automation and centralization significantly lighten the load of manual administrative tasks associated with onboarding, allowing HR teams to shift their focus to more impactful HR strategies and initiatives. A decrease in administrative tasks is a win in every company, but it seems that it’s nowhere more appreciated than in companies where the numbers are high and the stress is high.

“Customize where it matters and automate where you have other things to do.”